Visitor Management System

The Visitor Management System is an independent management solution combining a host of powerful features to manage and keep track of visitors  on your premises.

Whether they are visitors, contractors, casuals, vendors, suppliers or your own employees, this system is a requirement for today’s proper management of personnel in a premise.  You would be able to dramatically reduce the time spent on the management of visitors.

This system is a pc based management system that captures  visitors  details of persons who require entry into your site and is an indispensable tool for the secure management of critical points of access.

The system has been designed to  capture details from the MyKAD. When the MyKAD is inserted into a reader, details of the visitor are captured  automatically in the system. Only biodata pertaining to the individual is captured. This system is unable to access other secured areas in the MyKad database. This eliminates the manual entry of visitor details in a log book. It also eliminates the upkeep of individual log books for different types of visitors. However, where MyKAD is not available, manual entry is possible. The use of a scanner to capture details from other documents such as Passport, Old IC or temporary IC is available as an option. The system is also able to print a Visitors Tag (optional)

Example :

Reports on visitor movements are available and can be printed as when required. For example a complete “visitor listings report” can be produced  showing all current visitors on-site at that moment which is a very important document  should you ever need to evacuate the building and to have a proper head count of all visitors.


  • Visitor Database

Covers all the personal details about the visitors and their company information such as name, IC number, address, phone numbers, vehicle information etc. Replaces the traditional visitor log books with a powerful database driven system.

  • Allows Unlimited Company Levels

Enable visitor details attached to company records in a hieratical manner such as main company and sub-companies. Unlimited company and sub-companies can be created. The sort order can even be arranged by work groups, ethnic groups, gender or any manner you desire.

  • Photo Acquisition

Able to  capture the image of all visitors  and documents in electronic format which could be attached  to the visitor records in the system.

  • Real Time Visitor Tracking

Capable of providing a comprehensive audit of all the visitors registered in the system and instantly see who is in the facility and who has departed the facility. Quickly look up information about visits and visitors. Able to track previous visits, duration in the premise and frequency of visits to a host or a zone.

  • Visitor Tag Printing ( Optional )

Details of visitors can be printed on a self adhesive tag and visitors can stick it on their clothes while in the premises. This tag can have  the following information: 

  1. Name
  2. Photograph of Visitor as in MyKAD
  3. Host Name e.g who is reporting to
  4. Validity Dates e.g Allowed on the premises for one day only
  5. Access Zoning by colour code e.g Red for All Zones, Green for Low risk areas
  6. Visitor Type eg. Contractor, Supplier, Auditor, HQ visitors, VIP, Services  
  • Reporting

A multitude of standard reports with graphical displays including visitor history reports, complete visitor listings report, popular visitor report etc which provide complete admittance history of visitors  for assessment  purposes. Unreturned visitor pass on previous visits can be tracked to prevent future abuse of passes. Able to prompt visitors who have gone away without checking out on previous visits.

  • Fully Password Protected

Different levels of log-in security to restrict access for each pc user to the system features. Provision of a Manager Console for proper management in the system prevents users from unauthorized viewing of details in the system.

System Requirements


1 GHZ or higher Pentium-compatible CPU
1GB Ram or higher
50MB free space for software installation
VGA monitor (800 x 600 resolution or better recommended)
Color Printer (Recommended) 
Operation System
Windows 32-bit or 64bit operating system (Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7)