SMART MANAGER is the smartest Time & Attendance solution incorporating labour cost management for large and small business needs.

SMART MANAGER package has been develope to assist you in achieving the full potential of your business through easy to use rostering, accurate employee time keeping and smart reports.

SMART MANAGER software provides a suite of reports, from attendance to human resources reports, daily attendance records to roster compliancy analysis, and much more. These reports are not only informative, but flexible & intelligent. Reports are customizable.



  • User friendly interface. Personalized layout and settings
  • More scalability. Available in standalone and client-server version
  • User definable security access levels
  • Unlimited employees, departments and levels of sub-departments
  • Classify your employees anyway you want (e.g. Direct, Indirect Staff)
  • User definable awards – award rules, holidays, allowances, leave types, leave entitlement patterns, shifts and shift work patterns
  • Roster generation – Create roster with just one click
  • Multiple pairing (shifts) in a single day
  • View roster & time keeping by different information, or by different sort of orders
  • Smart time keeping status to assist users in making decisions
  • Compare actual versus plan in terms of labour hours and cost
  • Real-time time keeping information. Able to see employee’s attendance right after the employee has punched
  • Print virtually any list view in the software to Excel to furthur your analysis
  • Comprehensive reports include Time & Attendance, Human Resource, Leave and Analysis
  • Works with ACTAtek Finger Print, RSI HandPunch and Smart Cards

Key Benefits

  • Highly affordable. Rental Plan and Cash Plan available
  • Quick ROI – Manage variable costs. Payroll settings
  • Evaluate individual & departmental attendance history & trends
  • Spot & resolve absent abuse before they become critical
  • Record mistakes & increase efficientcy on rostering shift work
  • Forecast ahead to achieve targets at minimal costs
  • Reduce deviations between planned roster & actual. Improve time & attendance compliancy
  • Improve disipline. Increase staff morale & responsibility
  • Maximize current labour force to increase output/productivity & line efficiency
  • Reduce current tedious employee processing work flow
  • Calculate pay accurately, reduce disaffection with incorrect pay outs, save time on payroll administration
  • Reduce unnecessary overtime & recalls hence eliminating uncalled for labour costs
  • Perfect for Manufacturing, Hospitality, Services, Media and both office & factory environment

Key Reports

  • Time & Attendance Details Summary
  • Time Card Report
  • Attendance Trend Report
  • Late Comers and Early Leavers Report
  • Tardiness Report
  • Roster Compliancy Report
  • Labour Cost Details & Summary Reports
  • Labour Cost Variation Reports
  • Employee Contribution Reports