Videofied Alarm

The Videofied Suite of completely wireless intrusion alarm and video verification solutions is unique in that this product line offers commercial and government security installers and users totally new, patented and unprecedented security monitoring and enhanced situational awareness capabilities.

Videofied systems are used on their own as stand alone systems as well as extensions to existing alarm and video surveillance systems. This summary presents short narratives and bullet form listings of the features that represent the most significant of the features that distinguish Videofied from traditional and conventional security alarm and video reporting approaches. 

Videofied delivers efficient alarm and video reporting performance at a fraction of the price of conventional alarm/video systems. Videofied systems are designed to be monitored by a central station; they are not “self-monitored” by individuals. However, monitoring stations can send emails with videos to individuals or an alert list.


Patented wireless P-CAMs (integrated PIR motion sensor and camera) capture 10 seconds of video documenting WHAT triggered the alarm. This MPEG is sent to the monitoring station with the Contact ID alarm so that personnel immediately know WHY there is an alarm. Videofied means an intrusion is no longer just an alarm; it is a crime in progress. Law Enforcement wants to catch criminals. Security companies desire efficient response. Videofied enables both.


VIA-VU may be used with either primary or secondary line seizure – depending on whether the installation is in a non-dispatch jurisdiction or not. In areas requiring verified alarms we recommend that the VU be given primary line seizure for expedited response. In either case, when there is no video the existing panel functions as before. When video is captured it is delivered to the Central Station for improved security.


  • 2-way wireless between all P-CAMs and VU unit.
  • 4 year battery power with no AC power connections in VU system.
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing monitoring solutions.